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What if you could tap into the innovation and creativity of others?

This Guide To Innovation Teams As A Service will teach you about the growing trend among the most innovative companies partnering with others to develop innovations.

The Innovator's Journal

Is it time to access your untapped innovation potential?

This planner is packed with tools to help you and your team focus and grow. It includes self-assessment tools and a 12-month planning calendar to help you stay on plan.

Business Model Innovation

Would you agree that innovative products are nothing without a viable business model?

In this guide you will learn about how to build a better business model for your new product or service. A business model that is focused on long-term viability.

Featured Projects

Business Modeling

  • We partner with entrepreneurs and businesses to develop profitable and innovative ways of producing value for their customers.
  • A business model is a company’s plan for making a profit. It identifies the products or services the business will sell, the target market it has identified, and the expenses it anticipates.
  • As part of innovation process we provide business intelligence, modeling and analysis for startups and mature businesses.

Data & Analytics Pipeline/Dashboard

Developed a custom analytics pipeline and dashboards for use by advertising customers and executive managers.

The system aggregates data from various custom database, Google Analytics, server and user applications. All of the data is normalized and stored in a data warehouse for analysis and presentation.

A customer dashboard was developed for consumers of the data to visualize and make more effective decisions as part of operations.

Technologies included Angular, Sendgrid, CloudFront, Laravel, PHP, Hibernate, Aurora, AWS, Lambda, Python, AWS ML, AWS Redshift, MySQL, Bootstrap, Highcharts

Interactive Kiosk System

Product development

Custom kiosk development from concept to production and operation.


Included custom integration of 55″ touchscreen, broadband wireless, customized security system, thermal printer, payment system, camera, audio system, remote monitoring, remote power controller, and thermal management.


Design included custom rapid anchoring method without drilling.


Technologies Broadband wireless integration, CAD, intel based PC, security sensor integration, and Arduino

Cybersecurity Risk Assessment

  • Prepare computing system for cyberattacks.
  • Performed NIST based organizational and system evaluation.
  • Developed and oversight of improvement roadmap.
  • Implemented system hardening strategies.

Mobile Games

  • Developed various games based on popular brands including Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune,  Price is Right, Family Feud
  • Developed FunBox, Fish Hunter (slasher game), Got2Pop, Eggcetera (word game), Three Peaks (card game), Scratch-off game, Mardigras, and many more

Advertising Content Management & Production System

Developed custom solution for production and management of advertising content.

The system facilitates the management of promotions, kiosks, mobile users, images, videos, games, tournaments, prizes, etc.

Technologies included java, Ubuntu, MySQL, AWS, REST API, Bootstrap, Angular, AWS, MySQL, SendGrid

Gamified Advertisement Mobile App Development

  • Development of consumer facing mobile app from concept to operations for iOS and Android.
  • Highly addictive consumer facing mobile application integrating advertising, prize promotions and games.
  • Gamified application with prize promotions, push notifications, games, video, images, coupons and other rich content. Mobile promotions.
  • Technologies included Unity, REST API, Firebase, Google Analytics javascript, iOS, Android, Twilio, and

Lean Six Sigma

  • Businesses can always get better at what they do.
  • We are experts in Lean Six Sigma methodologies, and can help our optimize their operations for maximal output and performance.
  • Lean Six Sigma is a combination of Continuous Improvement methods—Lean and Six Sigma. These time-tested approaches provide organizations with a clear path to achieving their missions as fast and efficiently as possible.

Ways We Can Serve You


Phiquest Solutions offers full-service product development from concept to finished product. We specialize in providing project management, early stage prototypes, MVP, and transition to production. When your project needs product development, you can count on our team of experienced professionals to deliver high quality results at a competitive price.


It is not always affordable to maintain in-house research & development teams. Also, sometimes companies grow fast and they are not able to hire quickly enough. If new projects keep on arising, and the size of the project exceeds the possibilities of your in-house team, we can help. Phiquest can assemble a team with the unique blend of skills needed to keep you growing.


We build secure and high-performance software and technology solutions leveraging the latest best-practices and standards for all industries and sectors, in almost all available technologies and programming languages and platforms. Your projects will benefit from the extensive knowhow and experience of our developers, providing superior results.


End-users demand value and value must drive innovation. Clients often come to us with a great idea. However, innovation and the market demand more than great ideas. Ideas need to be nurtured and developed into profitable and productive business models that can compete in the global marketplace. If you are ready to start building a productive business let’s have a conversation.

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