Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Phiquest is an innovation focused organization dedicated to working with inspired entrepreneurs and innovators.

iTaaS stands for innovation team as a service. iTaaS is a business model for delivering breakthrough product/service offerings in a partnership model between an iTaaS provider and a sponsoring organization.

iTaaS is an effective way to outsource product development with breakthrough results. Startup entrepreneurs and corporate executives should consider the option of hiring an iTaaS team. Some of the benefits of iTaaS include greater flexibility, speed to market, access to innovation skills, and increase productivity. iTaaS is a powerful strategy you can put to work for your business.

Entrepreneurs and established businesses that are seeking breakthrough innovations, but lack an in-house innovation team can significantly benefit from parting with an iTaaS provider like Phiquest. 

iTaaS can reduce project costs without compromising the existing infrastructure of your teams. If you’re struggling to start new projects while still focusing on your team’s core work, then you would benefit from an innovation team.

Anyone that is developing a new product or service needs an innovation team. You may opt to assemble your own in-house team or partner with an organization like Phiquest with an established innovation team.


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