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2021 Edition

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A Call to Innovators

My name is Jeremy Ramos founder of Phiquest. I’m an innovator just like you, and I’ve been on a 25 year quest. Along the way, I’ve met some amazing people and learned many lessons, some quite painful and all of them enlightening. Now I find myself full-circle-right back where I started, and I have to share these stories with you. This planner is the roadmap to your creative journey, it’s your opportunity to capture some of my learning and put it to work for you.

You may not be expecting this call-to-action, or maybe something has been nudging you and calling to you for a while now. Have you had an incomplete project nagging at you for weeks, months, or even years? Have you been feeling unfulfilled with what you are doing? Can you not see an opportunity for growth in your future? Have you sensed there is something bigger you should be pursuing, but you don’t know what? Are you a recent graduate beginning your professional journey? Do you not know where to start, let alone where you’re going? Have you been struggling to face new challenges in your life or career? Or maybe, you are already pretty successful and you’re looking for an edge to continue to grow and innovate?

If you can answer ‘yes!’ to any of these questions, this planner is for you. Use it as a roadmap for your journey, starting with this: Circle the questions above that most resonate with you. Feel free to add some details, maybe a little color or some descriptor words. Use any design or style you desire in this planner. It’s yours. Once you’ve finished, make sure you will be able to remember why you circled
the questions you did. Throughout the next year, use this as a reminder of where you began your journey. Your mindset, your goals, and your life are about to change drastically, for the better.
Have you ever heard that innovators are analytical antisocial geeks, and not cool? There are many stereotypes of innovators out there, but I suggest you ignore them as best as you can. Seems like a tall order, I know, but it’s a challenge that you must rise to. Are you ready for a challenge?

Humanity and our planet have faced challenges throughout our shared history, and the present time is no exception. Between the natural course of humankind and the evolution of our planet, we are facing ever-increasing challenges and even threats to our very existence. This continual change is both propelled and curtailed by innovators like you. You are the creators and the problem solvers keeping us in the balance between daily secure-comfort and total obliteration. A delicate balance that must constantly be calibrated and maintained. Are you prepared to step up and tilt the balance towards a brighter future and away form obliteration?

Visualize yourself with your hands on a giant lever that can tip the scale, do you see it? You play a vital role in maintaining this equilibrium, but wait that makes you a hero with your hands on the lever. Are you prepared to step up and lead humanity to a brighter future? The only thing that can stop you is yourself.

In 1597, Sir Francis Bacon said “knowledge is power”. Regarded by many as the father of the scientific method, Bacon must have been talking about innovators. Innovators have an unparalleled ability to harness considerable knowledge and project power. Think about this, everything that has ever been physically produced started with a spark of neurons in a human brain, a single thought. The innovator’s superpower, the one thing that sets you clearly apart, is that innovators have the ability and tenacity to birth thoughts into material reality. Wouldn’t you agree?

The innovator can start with a sketch, doodled at a breakfast diner on the back of a napkin, and erect an eight-hundred meter skyscraper, or reduce a physics theorem into a 27 kilometer matter accelerator that can pierce subatomic particles. More ominously, innovators threaten our very existence by creating weapons of astonishing power that can burn as hot as the interior of the sun.

“With great power comes great responsibility” – recognize that superhero movie quote? – and this can be frightening. Uncle Ben from Spider-Man and I urge you not to be guided by or paralyzed by fear. Wouldn’t it be nice to escape your worries, let your creativity flow, and allow the beautiful ideas usually trapped in your mind to come to life? This is your call-to-action; you want to preserve humanity and our planet to witness a universal state of prosperity. You want to create real-world solutions now, and to
ensure conservation for all generations to come.

This planner is for you, the innovator and creator. You, the hero with the power to make brilliant ideas a reality for all of humanity to enjoy, and in so doing create the brightest future for all.

– Jeremy Ramos

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