Introducing the wellness app designed to help you succeed

Our all in one wellness app will help you track your exercise, food intake and stress levels. Do not worry if you stray away from your goals, our trained coaches will gently nudge you to keep you on track. 


Track steps, heart rate, exercise and stress levels

All we need you to do is stay active! our app will keep track of how often you work out and how quickly you can recover from your workouts. 


Turn your phone into a nutrition database

Enter your daily food intake to track your macros. Dont worry if you go of course with your goals, our trained coaches will give you gentle nudges to keep you on course! 


Remove stress with our built-in medidation tool

Feeling stressed throughout the day? Use our tool to learn to regulate your breathing and heart rate as you learn how to manage stress. 

And so many more helpful tools for support your wellness journey!

Contact your local Scientific Wellness Center provider to sign up today! 

Questions? Send us a message!


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