Ignite Innovation
Roundtable Registration

Ignite Innovation
Round Table Registration

Launch Date: Wednesday August 11 (5 Attendee Limit)

Launch Time: 12:30 PM to 1:45 PM EDT

Location: Zoom Live Event

This innovation round table session is an exclusive, invitation only event for innovators seeking to share insights and gather advice among peers. By the end of the session you will share your insights among peers and collect practical advice you can put into action on your innovation endeavors.

What You Should Expect

Ground Rules
  • RULE 1: Everyone commits to being fully immersed in the program. PLAY FULL OUT! Give 100% concentration and energy for yourself and your fellow participants.
  • RULE 2: Throughout the program, ask yourself, “How will I apply these principles with my team?” – (Hint: take good notes)
  • RULE 3: Respect peer confidentiality
  • RULE 4: No Selling!

Proposed Topics: strategies for innovation leadership, creating an innovation culture and team, strategies for innovation risk reduction, ways for creating a holistic and diverse team, ways to maintain the creative flame

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