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Document and Workflow Automation Solutions for Schools

The Phiquest team has former school technology directors and administrators with decades of experience. They work with our technology team to develop document and workflow solutions that work for schools.

Phiquest in partnership with OnTask can take care of your automation needs. In a mobile-responsive, user-friendly interface, you can automate repeatable processes with if/then conditional branching, set different roles and permissions, and create custom branding and templates.

Collect Student and Faculty Forms

  • Use dynamic forms to effortlessly collect information from parents, students, and faculty.
  • Eliminate the repetition of populating paper documents and manual entry.

Parent and Faculty Electronic Signatures

  • No more tracking down paper signatures.
  • Collect legal electronic signatures on authorization forms and retain them for compliance.

Automated Reminders

  • Set reminders and notifications in workflows to save you time.
  • Set escalation notifications when workflows get stuck and need attention.

Reusable Document Templates

  • Create a template once that you can edit and reuse over and over again.
  • Template assistants help you convert and create documents faster

Bulk Messages and Data Collection

  • Send your forms and documents to as many people as you want at any date and time
  • Upload multiple files at once, with 60 different file types

SIS Integrations and Conditional Logic

  • Set rules that cause your workflow to intelligently take the actions you want it to
  • Use if/then branching or parallel branching to have tasks completed
  • Integrate with your Student Information System.

Keep Everyone Safe and Healthy with Automated COVD-19 Vaccination Tracking

Protect Sensitive Information and Privacy


Student Data Privacy Compliance

  • Complies with state and national student data privacy requirements.
  • Compliance with FERPA moderate security standard.

SCO II Compliance

  • Compliant with SOC2 security and privacy.
  • Independent audit documentation.
  • Hosted on high availability platform.

HIPAA Compliance

  • Compliant with strict HIPAA requirements.
  • Independent audit documentation.
  • Can store medical information in compliance.

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